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April 4, 2020


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Monday, September 22, 2014

Big Changes Ahead for Pacific Avenue

The resurfacing of Pacific Avenue began two weeks ago and should be completed over the next year. The street will be reduced to one lane in each direction, but have new center turn lanes and bike lanes. (Photo: Megan Barnes)

If you’ve driven down Pacific Avenue in the past two weeks, you probably experienced a dusty and bumpy ride. That’s because workers have begun resurfacing a 1-mile stretch of the road between 22nd Street and O’Farrell Street. When lines are re-painted in coming months, Pacific Avenue will go down to having one lane in each direction, but will be getting new center turn lanes and bike lanes.

The $495,000 road diet has been in the works for several years and is designed to not only make room for the new bike lanes, but to alleviate backup behind motorists making left turns from Pacific Avenue, the cause of numerous accidents involving both cars and pedestrians over the years. Pacific Avenue already has only one lane in each direction south of 22nd Street.

The project is designed to improve public safety and the community was notified via neighborhood council meetings, according to staff from Los Angeles City Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office. Another round of public outreach will happen again now that work has started, and the whole project should be completed toward the end of 2015. Most of it was funded through a state Safe Routes to School grant, and the city contributed $49,500.

Sue Castillo, chair of the Land Use, Planning and Public Works Committee of the Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council, says the plans to reconfigure Pacific Avenue were first brought to the board in 2011 by the former Community Redevelopment Agency.

“People were somewhat skeptical at first, but after the presentation, everyone was for it,” she says. “The safety arguments were fairly compelling and studies done by the Department of Transportation revealed that it wouldn’t cause any extra delay waiting at traffic signals.”

Cynthia and Patrick Bradley, who own San Pedro Ballet School on 13th Street and Pacific Avenue, say they were unaware of the plans.

“I just hope it becomes safer,” Cynthia Bradley says, adding that she has been ear witness to plenty of accidents over the years. Her husband Patrick Bradley thinks there should be left turn signals as well.

Michael Koth, owner of Off the Vine wine shop on the corner of Sixth Street and Pacific Avenue, says he also hadn’t heard of the plans.

“It’s news to me, I thought they were done with all these bike lanes,” he says, adding that just a few days ago he heard a crash on the street. “Sixth and Pacific is one of the worst intersections in San Pedro, but I don’t know if this is going to help.”

9 Responses to “Big Changes Ahead for Pacific Avenue”
  1. Kami says:

    That’s dumb because Pacific has to much car traffic as is and that’s going to make it worse!!! There for unsafe!!!

  2. Leslie Stern Blackson says:

    I believe they’re trying to make this into the beach town that it is.

  3. IonaTrailer says:

    This ill-conceived plan by the City of Los Angeles to remove car lanes in the hope that people will ride their bike or take the bus is just that. There has been NO prior input from local residents to ask whether they want these changes. I have a bike, and I like to ride it, but when I need to go shopping or get to work, it is not practical. Removing lanes is NOT the answer. The County of Los Angeles is the largest in the USA, and what we really need is for the Board of Supervisors to demonstrate some vision and common sense and build a functional metro system like every other major world city has. And one that doesn’t involve going downtown when you want to get from San Pedro to Santa Monica. Making traffic more congested is just a stupid idea.

  4. IonaTrailer says:

    Oh, and might I add that when Pacific becomes as congested as Harbor is on the weekends, people will turn to taking side streets, and create an even more serious and dangerous situation.

  5. mfoti says:

    I totally support this project. Typically, a few people see “bike-lanes” and freak out. What is really happening here, and what will make the most impact, is adding the center turn lane. No more getting held up behind people making left-hand turns. The bike lanes are just a bonus.

  6. VeeZeeOh says:

    Love it! I support this plan and would like to extend a huge “thank you” to everyone, from the Department of Transportation, to the Community Redevelopment Agency, to City Hall and to Councilman Joe Buscaino’s office that had a role in bringing this reconfiguration of Pacific Avenue to fruition. This was a long time coming and I am looking forward to commuting in a safer San Pedro– for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists!

  7. Melvin luse says:

    IonaTrailer would you like to add anything more ??? Wow, what this project/plan makeover call it what you want
    But It Looks Great and I APPROVE good job and please continue i even think IonaTrailer would agree

  8. Melvin luse says:

    i do hope IonaTrailer has landed

  9. Scott Gray says:

    The article is wrong in asserting that everyone on the Neighborhood Council was in favor if this scheme. I opposed it and still think it’s unwise for that street.

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