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Monday, September 22, 2014

San Pedro Resident Caught on Security Video Having Sex with Dog [Warning: Graphic] (Updated)

Photo: Screenshot of the surveillance video from Sunday, Nov. 10, 2013, showing the suspect, Christopher Caceres, allegedly performing lewd acts on a dog.

A 22-year-old San Pedro resident was arrested Thursday afternoon on a felony residential burglary charge, and faces charges of sexual deviance, bestiality, rape of a dog, and several others that have yet to be determined.

Christopher Alexander Caceres, born April 9, 1991, was arrested after an ongoing investigation into burglaries and the sexual assault of a dog in a Northwest San Pedro neighborhood, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to neighbors and victims, Caceres moved into his grandmother’s house, located on the 1600 block of W. O’ Farrell Street, with his parents. In the time since Caceres moved into the neighborhood more than a month ago, several homes have been burglarized, and at least one dog in the neighborhood has been sexually assaulted on more than one occasion.

Arresting officer Detective Katsumata with the Los Angeles Police Department Animal Cruelty Task Force could not be reached for comment.

The San Pedro Beacon received exclusive surveillance video Friday, from the dog’s owner, of the alleged suspect, Caceres, climbing over a backyard wall into a property on the 1900 block of Summerland Avenue at approximately 2:22 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 10.

The suspect was in the backyard until 4:40 a.m., during which time the video shows the suspect committing multiple lewd acts on the property owner’s beloved dog, an 80 lb. female Akita.

The video shows the dog trying to get away from Caceres on several different occasions, but it appeared the suspect possibly sedated the dog to some degree in order to calm her temperament and slow her down.

For just over two hours, the suspect, who was steps from the family’s 15-year-old daughter’s bedroom, and 50 yards from the owner’s bedroom, raped and sexually assaulted the animal.

The owner of the dog said they had suspicions that someone had been entering their backyard for a month. It was at this point, the family chose to install surveillance cameras on their property.

“We had found a [cigarette] lighter on the property, and on two occasions our dog had yelped,” said the property owner, who wished to remain anonymous. “We called the police, who came to the property twice, and installed security cameras, but after a week didn’t have any signs of anyone being in the yard.”

That was until early Sunday morning.

“I woke up because I heard something outside,” he said. “Our dog greeted me and something seemed off. I didn’t know what had happened, but I saw clumps of our dog’s hair throughout the yard,” he said. “I immediately went to the surveillance cameras, and I was absolutely disgusted with what I saw.”

What he saw was graphic. (Warning: graphic description below)

Caceres, while entering the family’s backyard, was allegedly giving treats to the dog, who greeted the suspect the way an animal who knew someone would — her tail wagging, jumping up to grab treats.

“Our dog is a barker. She was a security dog, and if she didn’t know someone, they wouldn’t go near her because she appeared aggressive and barked relentlessly,” the homeowner said. “This was not the case, our dog knew this man, he had done this before, it definitely wasn’t the first time.”

A portion of the video, which the San Pedro Beacon has seen and verified, goes on to show the suspect, with short dark hair and wearing glasses, appear from a darkened portion of the backyard without his pants on. He then proceeds to pin the dog to the ground and perform multiple sexual acts on the dog while the canine struggles to break free of his grasp.

After a police report was filed and a copy of the surveillance footage was handed over, the family took their dog to the vet, where a rape kit was performed.

“The vet performed an exam, and shaved around her rear end and private parts looking for pubic hair or possible DNA samples,” the homeowner said. “Our vet told us that this had happened before, and for the safety of the dog we should board her until an arrest was made.”

Their dog was boarded. The family was devastated.

That was until Thursday, when the family received a call from Detective Katsumata that Caceres had been arrested after undercover officers caught him burglarizing a home on O’ Farrell Street, a block from the homeowner’s home on Summerland Avenue.

“We were ecstatic, we cried for an hour, and then immediately rushed to the vet to pick up our dog,” he said. “She was so excited. I couldn’t wait to bring her home. I love my dog, and this has been an absolutely terrible experience — we didn’t feel safe in our own home, I was worried about my daughter’s safety, my wife’s safety and even my own safety.”

Caceres is being held at the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Division on $50,000 bail. A date for his arraignment has yet to be scheduled.

Photo: Screenshot of the surveillance video showing the alleged suspect, Christopher Caceres, performing lewd acts on a dog.

139 Responses to “San Pedro Resident Caught on Security Video Having Sex with Dog [Warning: Graphic] (Updated)”
  1. SK says:

    Okay, this is extremely disgusting, but is it really necessary to post the address of the grandmother’s house? Show some respect for the family who most likely would like to stay private.

    • SK says:

      Thank you for fixing that.

    • Marla Caper says:

      To SK-your alias name seems a bit sinister if you ask me. First of all, the owner of the house’s address has not been disclosed, therefore you should have no worry. And if you were a resident living in the area, in which I’m sure you are, you shouldn’t mind the neighborhood being exploited if you were an individual concerned about the safety in which you reside. This sick individual should have never been bailed out, PERIOD. I hope he gets his justice to the full extent and may everyone in this town know the kind of criminal he is-it’s the only way to ensue safety within our city. With the diligence and vigilance this community has shown, this “animal” stands no chance at fooling us once again. We’re smarter than you think, trust THAT!

      • SK says:

        You have made many assumptions. SK are my initials – nothing sinister about that. I also don’t live in that neighborhood. The article used to state the address. The Beacon corrected it after I commented. Nowhere does it state that he ever got out on bail. It really disturbs and frustrates me that you would make such quick judgements.

        • Marla Caper says:

          If you don’t live in the neighborhood, then who are you to stay the address shouldn’t be posted? Try having more empathy for the victims and less for the suspect’s family..My intuition tells me you know this person. You seem to be subtlety defending this man. If he is “mentally ill” then maybe his parents shouldn’t let him take late-night walks alone. People in the neighborhood have seen him lurking through bushes during hours where most people are asleep. You cannot tell me his parents thought he was a perfectly normal human being. And if they did, they were either lying to themselves or neglected to pay any attention to him. Either way it’s wrong. They got ahold of the flyers going around. Don’t you think the parents of a mentally disturbed child should have questioned, if not suspected him to be the person of interest? That’s what angers me and that is why the family doesn’t deserve to stay private. The more ppl that know, the lesser chance we have at never letting this happen again.

          • Deb says:

            How in the world are they defending the rapist? SK simply said that the address should not be made public, because that could put innocent family members in danger, and vigilantism is not okay no matter how heinous the crime. I am in no way defending the rapist and I think he is a disgusting person that deserves the full weight of the law. I just have no interest in seeing a lynch mob get started when it is the court system’s job to carry out justice. Just because somebody wants to protect innocents who are related to the accused does not mean that they sympathize with or are trying to protect them.

          • Terry Oberther Wells says:

            Currently California has NO animal abuse sex offender registry that is mandatory for any convicted abuser to register with. IF one is created in the next few years, maybe he will then be required to register on it, but at this time none exists. This DO NOT ADOPT Registry is being created at the moment

          • Terry Oberther Wells says:

            2010 attempt in California to create a registry:

          • Terry Oberther Wells says:

            You are something to behold Marla. First off, I can understand your frustration at being helpless in being unable to “Do anything” yourself at this point seeing how the police have completed their investigation enough to have made an arrest in THIS CASE. However, that frustration is clouding your brain, and judgement, when you switch gears so quickly from going after this young man, who’s case is now in the hands of the Judicial court system of the good state of California, and now you are just as happy to attack his parents and/or family. Going so far as to accuse them of “knowing that their son, grandson, brother, etc.” was capable of this atrocious crime against this poor innocent dog. Maybe that could be true. BUT unless YOU know them well, and I mean very well and were with them all the time you have no way of knowing that. I have nothing nice or kind to say about this man and I will see this thru to be certain he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent that California Law allows. I will sign and even create petitions and submit them to the judge over seeing this case, seeking thousands of additional signatures from others, to make certain this judge knows that the people want him to receive the maximum sentence this state allows. IF this state has lenient statutes….we might even look into making this particular crime against animals a more serious crime. It is “High Time” criminals served longer sentences for crimes against our furry friends. With all that said….IN NO WAY is his family being prosecuted or accused of any crime and to make such accusations here against them is ignorant and lacks empathy of any kind. NO, I do not know this family and NO, I am not from California. Just a lady from Pennsylvania who has empathy, sadness and compassion for the families of all persons involved. He stands accused , so accuse HIM. I pray that the Akita recovers very quickly and that her family can soon feel more safe in their home. ~~Prayers for Strength to the Akita’s Family to help get them thru this~~

          • Marla Caper says:

            For your information, we figured out who the suspect was before the police even arrested him. The community got together and helped lead us to the criminal. You’re right, I do not know them very well, however, the only reason I said that was because we spoke to the family and they expressed to us some concerns that implied he had psychological issues. Of course they could’ve never guessed THIS would happen, but they knew he needed help is all I’m saying. I just hope all parents pay attention to their children. If there are any signs of trouble, seek help immediately.

            Neighbors even thought he was sinister; lurking through the night, crawling through bushes. It’s not normal behavior. That is a fact. You’re right, he is the one to be punished but where you come from shouldn’t play 0 in this role either.

            God bless.

      • ChappySinclair says:

        Only in California do veterinarians have rape kits on hand to test animals.

        • Terry Oberther Wells says:

          They have RAPE KITS in all 50 states. Get with the times….there are abusive bastards all over the country who commit sexual acts against defenseless animals.

          • ChappySinclair says:

            My sister is a vet. She has never tested an animal for rape.

          • Terry Oberther Wells says:

            I should have explained further. Police departments are the ones responsible for the testing process of any/all rape kits on ANY victim {be it human/animal}. So the vet clinic would NOT run any tests. A rape kit is quite conventional and most “Homes can come up with one” in a pinch, just the same as a vet clinic can. Several Q-tips, tweezers for hair samples, several zip lock baggies and a paper bag to seal the baggies in and tape to tape the paper bag closed and a label to label and date it after collection.

          • Terry Oberther Wells says:

            The vet clinic in this case, from reports, did assist in the collection process of the evidence. As I believe ANY vet clinic in all 50 states could.

        • Ruth Caron says:

          I interpret that is because there are alot of sickos in California..and there are. Im a California native that lives in Texas now. I lived in Cali my whole life except the last 8 years in Texas. I know about all the sickos in Cali…LOL

    • Gary Nelson Harper says:

      Agree… Families are having a hard enough time without being subject to ridicule for something they had nothing to do with.

    • Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

      Agree but the name of the individual that committed this monsterous act was not listed in the Daily Breeze report/article and certainly should have been. Neighbors do indeed have a perfect right to know what lurks within their midst. The San Pedro Beacon is a terrific outlet for our community and informational/reporting service.

    • Lesa Saurette LaRose Jackson says:

      yes it is ABSOLUTLY the right of the neighborhood “pet” for a lack of a better word, rights to know where this LOWLIFE, VILE, Virus of a human lives!!!

  2. Mary Smith says:

    Freakin Sicko! That grandmothers house address should be posted-no shame in anyone’s game! That piece of shit guy hopefully will get raped like hell in prison!!!

    • SK says:

      Yes. Yes there is shame for that family. Put yourself in their shoes. They certainly did not have hopes that their son and grandson would grow up to be a dog rapist. He is likely mentally ill. Nobody (or dog) should ever have rape wished upon them.

      • dogcyn says:

        SK, I’m not jumping on the pick on SK bandwagon but understand, this is not mental illness, this is sexual deviance, which is much different and dangerous. I would almost feel sorry for him if it were mental illness. But this isn’t and it will escalate and there really is no effective treatment, contrary to what some medical professionals might say. And though I might have some empathy for the family, there is no way there hasn’t been warning signs for this family to see. This was not this guys first dog. I would certainly want to know if a sexual deviant were lurking in my neighborhood so I applaud the release of the address BEFORE he’s on the sex offender registry, which is where he’s gonna wind up. Put yourself in the neighborhood’s shoes. My vote is for the possible victims in the neighborhood, not the assailant and his family. Better safe than sorry, in my opinion.

        • Ruth Caron says:

          this probably isnt the first dog either..this is a very dangerous individual. I hope the poor dog is ok. And the public has the right to know where these sickos live. Its the same thing they do with pedophiles. They list their addresses. This guy is a petophile. What a sick sick puke.

      • Steffie says:

        I agree with mary!! And as for SK;; No … he’s on drugs! He’s not mentilly ill! People like that don’t steal and rob people then on top of it rape a dog. Are you that stupid!? Raping an 80lb dog can lead to raping a child. He’s learning his strength, his ability and how he can get away with doing such crime. Don’t be stupid af.

    • Janeben says:

      I’m betting that he will volunteer to be raped.

  3. Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

    A dangerous individual lurks within our midst – please prosecute this sub-human to the fullest degree the law provides – don’t allow “rehab” I don’t want my tax dollars for such a vile “person” – and I use that word quite loosely.

  4. Noreen DeLeon says:

    Expose expose expose dogs today small kids tomorrow . Dont blame mental illness. People know exactly what they have in their family. Its too easy to close your eyes as a parent and grandparent . The neighbors have a Right to know so they can protect their homes kids and for crying out loud their animals. I will spread the news on fb and word of mouth because I don’t know where you and your family is but mine are deep in Pedro. 1600 Block of O Farrell and I’m gonna be there if anyone want to mob and protest count me in!!!!!!!!!!

    • SK says:

      “People know exactly what they have in their family.” – That’s a pretty strong statement. Not all families are picture perfect, in fact, none of them are.

      • Ware Wolf says:

        What’s the deal SK? You jumping every one today? This is a comment section, not what SK thinks section. Go on and comment under every statement that you find offensive. I sure hope your types move back to New York ASAP.

      • Noreen DeLeon says:

        You are so right that no family is perfect but something that sickening is not an isolated incident and parents and grandparents have to had recognized this sickos behavior and further more it seems like you are too comfortable with this type of act. What’s really going on. I also never make a Statement that I don’t feel strongly about especially when it comes to children and animals that are helpless.

    • Miguel de la Pena says:

      “Mob and protest” – against who? A guy that’s already been caught? For what, raping a dog? There’s a lot worse going on in town, yet you want to grab some pitchforks and torches because someone had sex with a dog? You don’t think before you type, do you?

      • Marla Caper says:

        Dude, are you high? Have this guy be your neighbor and tell me if he’s someone you’d feel safe living next to. Dummy. He won’t be in jail for long. Then what? He goes back to raping dogs and burglarizing homes? Doesn’t sound like a big deal to ME. He actually sounds delightful to hang around. Maybe I should post his bail tomorrow and take him to Disneyland!. After all, he’s not murdering anyone so why not? You’re out of your mind. Most serial killers start off torturing animals. No big deal, right? Hey, If you ever need a house sitter or dog sitter, I got the perfect guy for you. 🙂

        • dogcyn says:

          Of course he’s high! Mikey can’t even get his point across – all he can do is insult – he hasn’t made an argument, he’s just railing – he’s an idiot and he obviously is sticking up for this subhuman so I guess that says something about his predilections! Creep

        • Miguel de la Pena says:

          Marla – I’m sure you’re at least somewhat reasonable in person, but online you’re making yourself look pretty irrational. I know there are a lot of people who love dogs more than humans, but at least please make an attempt to think with your brain and not your heart.

          • Marla Caper says:

            Nobody likes your comment. My head and heart think you’re dumb,

          • Miguel de la Pena says:

            I see. My apologies for bothering you. I mistakenly had higher expectations of you.

          • Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

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          • sisi emperatiz says:

            “Marla – online you’re making yourself look pretty irrational”…. Miguel, Marla actually seems VERY rational to me… you, on the other hand, look pretty irrational, your comments are on some other sites related to this issue and they really do not make sense to me

          • Miguel de la Pena says:

            Thank you for sharing. This was a moving comment and I am glad that you took the time to share your thoughts. I understand that at times my comments can be easily misunderstood by those who completely lack any ability to think critically, so I do apologize for not further dumbing down the watered down version of a simplified idea. Keep your head up essa, don’t let no one get you down aye.

      • Jeannie Bird says:

        He is a psychopathic, sociopathic monster who needs to be taken off the streets and will most certainly move onto humans as history has shown so many times and been ignored. Now is the time to recognize this kind of behavior.

        • Miguel de la Pena says:

          Name-calling can make you feel better, but unless you know what you’re talking about it’s nothing more than name-calling. I agree that this guy should be taken off the streets though.

          • Jeannie Bird says:

            I’m not name calling, I’m telling it as it is. He is certainly a monster with psychopathic/sociopathic tendencies. I think you defend this ‘person’ a bit too much, do you share his sickness???

      • dogcyn says:

        what’s your point asshole? All you’re saying is that you’re an idiot – you obviously don’t think – you’re defending and relating too much to this guy, so I hope you’re not living in my ‘hood – maybe you guys have something in common?
        Have a nice day!

        • Miguel de la Pena says:

          “what’s your point”
          – Read my comment again… not just the first line, but the whole comment. Lately I’ve been looking to make an effort to keep from arguing with fools like yourself (i.e. limited critical thinking, difficulty with reading comprehension, referring to name-calling when you disagree with someone, etc.), so I’ll leave it at that for now.

          • dogcyn says:

            You’re just an instigator because you don’t have an interesting life – you haven’t responded to my questions because you don’t have the intelligence to defend your idiotic statements – maybe if you were intelligent you could respond intelligently – you’re not trying to stay out of arguments ‘cuz that’s all you have in life. Instigator = no life and no friends = loser – repond to my questions if you’re not an instigating loser – And btw, you think you’re cooler than everyone because you don’t name call but that doesn’t make you better – it just makes you dishonost with yourself – you’re on this site to fight and nothing else – again – you’re an asshole – let’s see your classy response – and no response just means you’re outwitted

          • Miguel de la Pena says:

            So, you think I’m smart, cool, and composed. Are you trying to flirt? I’m flattered.

            While getting in a name-calling fight like school children can be entertaining, I’ll leave that for the highly educated, classy individuals like yourself.

            Also, it’s a fact that typing the word ‘intelligent’ a bunch of times makes you more intelligent.

      • MELODY VALADEZ says:


        • Miguel de la Pena says:

          In this scenario, you are playing the role of “pot” while I am the “kettle”. Does typing in all caps mean you’re yelling or does it just mean that you’re like 11 years old?

      • Dharma says:

        Of course a Mexican would be fine with dog rape

  5. Teresa Roque Villegas says:

    This is a very sick individual !! Needs help mentally !

  6. Ron R Glaeseman says:

    The house where this occurred is one block from my own. The victim had left a flyer on my doorstep two or three days before the assailant was captured, describing what happened above. The heinousness of such an act aside, the fact that he was burglarizing homes in the area was something I was not aware of.

  7. Toni Sweet says:

    OMG!!! I feel sorry for this guy, there has to be something wrong with this sick-o!!! He has to be dealt with accordingly. Poor dog, I hope it will be okay! The dog should if bit his d**k off. I know, I know, shouldn’t of said that but, well I’m just saying. Karma….. What goes around comes around. Hope he gets it, in the end!!!

    • Kathy Ramirez says:

      Oh if he goes to prison, you can bet he will get it in the end…

    • Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

      No sympathy from me – this is sexual perversion and outright animal abuse/torture – I don’t want my tax dollars going to his rehab with 3 meals, TV, Internet and a bed – I know, I worked in the psychiatric field for many years. Although I completely agree with you about Karma.

  8. Lydia Macias Alvarez says:

    O Wow ¡!¡!¡!¡! Needs mental help, If anyone ever tochedad my dogs like that he would need atouch of his own medicina.

  9. anonymous says:

    His family lives right next door to me. I had no clue. I’m praying he gets some help and his victims can recover without too much physical and emotional pain. I have a little girl who would play catch with him over the fence. He seemed to be a sweet kid.

    • Steffie says:

      But did you know about the drug house… And ll the cars being broken into or stolen? Along with the houses that were being robbed and him hanging out with some ugly mexican girl you will see walkin the shit at all weird times of the hour… Carrying a bag(s) full of stuff until she got a car Kia soul (lime grn) I believe …

    • Justice says:

      Initomarfon is power and now I’m a !@#$ing dictator.

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  10. Becc Uhh says:

    what a fucking sick fuck

  11. Taeil says:

    I love how “rape of a dog” is an actual law in the books.

  12. Miguel de la Pena says:

    So… where are all the arguments about being “tolerant” of others’ sexual behavior?

    • dogcyn says:

      This is deviance, not behaviour. Big difference. It’s also rape. Rape of an animal. A defenseless animal. I don’t see you defending tolerant sexual behaviour. Please do. Please explain how this is normal behaviour between two consenting partners that should be tolerated. Hmmm? Common on, I dare you! Give me a good argument that INCLUDES BOTH PARTIES FEELINGS ON THE MATTER. Can you do that? I’m biting my tongue!

      • Miguel de la Pena says:

        Uh, this isn’t behavior? Sex with a dog is not behavior? Are you smoking crack or are you just making a ridiculous claim because you don’t have a credible argument for your position?

        “Please explain how this is normal behaviour between two consenting partners that should be tolerated?”

        – Yeah… this isn’t “normal” behavior (Not ‘behaviour’, unless you’re in Europe), nor should we be tolerant of it.

        “Give me a good argument that includes both parties feelings on the matter”

        – An often used, but ultimately invalid argument; “consent”. The line of morality isn’t drawn at the “consent” of each party. The guy could have an orgy with his entire immediate family, and if they were all consenting, then that would be morally ok. That’s the argument you’re putting forth. See why it doesn’t work? Morality is absolute, it isn’t dependent on popular opinion. Opinions change and what’s “moral” one year will be “immoral” the next, and vice versa.

      • Miguel de la Pena says:

        No response = you got owned. Stay classy.

  13. Doenut says:

    I hope this sick bastard gets raped beyond beyond repair to his asshole!!!!! That poor dog, and I’m sorry….but if that family felt that something had been happening in their yard for a month, why in the hell were they leaving their poor dog outside?!?!?!?!?

  14. Cheryl Meredith Smith says:

    The suck fukka should have his dick and hands chopped off so he can’t re offend or better still it would have been great if he had been caught in the act by the owner and been fatally shot in the head.

  15. Steffie says:

    The boy needs to get beat up along with the other siblings they have! I know a little to much so am not going to say a lot. But those kids in that house are weirdos and the grandma needs to question a lot about those kids and also her actions! As for the parents… I’VE NEVER ONCE SEEN THEM. but all I can say is good luck ! I hope what you did to that animal they do to you in jail because you deserve it! For a few months straight houses and cars were being broken into and few cars were stolen. (My car was actually stolen in this case) and it’s crazy bc I had a feeling that this ass had something to do with it from what I would see in the neighborhood. So long gay boy!!! Please take your siblings down with you too and get the hell out of the neighborhood!

    • whatpp says:

      you need to go see a doc. beat up his other siblings? which “other” one by the way? you have no proof he wasn’t alone on this. don’t be irrational.

      • sisi emperatiz says:

        whatpp: For what she is saying, “Steffie” seems to live in their neighborhood so it seems as she actually knows the dog-rappist’s family, so she is telling us that this guy is not the only bad one in the family but his other siblings are pretty bad as well, and since these “kids” moved in her neighborhood, houses and cars were being broken into and few cars were stolen..including hers, she is not being irrational, she is just telling us what she knows about this boy’s family.

      • MELODY VALADEZ says:


    • MELODY VALADEZ says:


  16. Steffie says:

    By the way! Those kids are on drugs. They go to a drug house… They hang out at the drug house. The grandma dropped them
    Off in front of the house, they walk to the house. I’ve been it on multiple occasions passing by!

  17. want to leave here says:

    I hope you get felony charges and I wish the dog would have bit your pencil off. I hope they give you the most amount of time possible. You are cruel mentally ill and a beast non human go to hell.

  18. nm says:

    Sick fucken nasty fuck. Someone touches my dog you get a bullet in the head same if u wnter my house without consent.

  19. deb says:

    Behead that scumbag!

  20. Donna E. Ploss says:

    Sick fuck

  21. onymee says:

    if one of my dogs had yelped outside I’d be out like a shot to check it. Why would anyone leave a ‘beloved’ dog outside when there are so many people about who might want to hurt it?

    • Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

      Couldn’t agree more – a dog in the yard at night serves no purpose if someone were to break into the home – so much for alerting you – and this is true if you own a gun or not. If MY dog were to yelp loudly at ANY time of day I’d be out in a nano-second checking on him. There wouldn’t be a second time.

      • onymee says:

        all of mine sleep in my bedroom with me. I live alone and very rural and in England we don’t own guns I do have a large pitchfork and would not hesitate to use that though. If someone breaks into my home, I want my dogs beside me so they can defend me, not downstairs shut out of the house.I had a druggie come to the house a few years ago who hurt my late Rottweiler cross Newfie. As small as I am I clumped him upside the lugs with a large container of kerosene which I usually struggled to lift.Had I been a smoker and had a lighter, he’d have gone up in a flash!

      • whatpp says:

        are you implying that the owner sold his dog to the rapist?

  22. September John says:

    I’m sorry but why was their dog left outside?

  23. FortheSake Ofanimals says:

    Another good argument against tethering dogs. If the dog is so “BELOVED” why was it outside instead of safe inside? Shame on the owner too for making his “BELOVED” pet a victim of this sick phuck! Amazes me whenever people get animals for protection and put them in the yard like a lawn ornament. HELLO robbery is taking place in peoples back yards. Shouldn’t the animal you use for protection be inside where it can actually protect?

    As for the rapist I hope he is gang banged in prison repeatedly everyday until his court date that he never needs a laxative for the rest of his life.

    • Marla Caper says:

      So you’re that person that thinks if a woman is wearing a short skirt, she’s asking to be raped. Is that how this works? C’mon. How ignorant are you to suggest that the owners are at partial fault of this horrific incident. Shame on YOU for implying it. People get animals for various reasons; i.e. protection, companionship, gifts to their children, etc. Some pets are outside animals, and some are inside animals. Isn’t that why dog houses are sold? Even Petco sells them. So shame on Petco too, right? Ha.

      Let’s stick to the facts; the assailant is the suspect and the dog and family of the dog are the victims. This sick individual deserves justice for his inhumane behavior! You think the dog’s family wakes up saying “Gee, I hope my dog gets raped today! After all, that’s why she sleeps outside!” Probably not. But do I think the suspect wakes up saying” I can’t wait to have marathon sex with my neighbors dog tonight.” That, YES.

      • FortheSake Ofanimals says:

        Shame on YOU! You’re the ignorant one in your comparisons. YES the owners can also blame themselves. You stick to the facts. If the vet is telling them this happened more then once to their dog. Tell me genius how closely were they paying attention to their OUTSIDE animal? Even the article shows numerous admissions by them.

        “The owner of the dog said they had suspicions that someone
        had been entering their backyard for a month. It was at this point, the family chose to install surveillance cameras on their property.
        “We had found a [cigarette] lighter on the property, and on two
        occasions our dog had yelped,” said the property owner, who wished to remain anonymous.”

        Don’t take your comprehension of what you read problem and use it to attack my post. I stand 1000% behind my post. Bad owners leave their beloved pets outside are asking for trouble. Why didn’t they bring the animal inside after their first suspicions or incidents? Use guns, house alarms, lights and cameras for protection. Not an animal trapped behind a fenced in area possibly on a chain with no escape. Everyone knows outside pets are easier to ignore. Bet she showed signs before of being raped like a bleeding ass or discharge. Pathetic people like you defending this is the problem.

        The VICTIM is the DOG!

        • colliefreak says:

          Well said!

        • Marla Caper says:

          I’m pathetic? First time i’ve heard that. But guess what? You don’t know the owner NOR the dog and truth be told, the dog doesn’t like being in the house. She prefers to stay outside. In fact, when she’s in the house, she barks to go back outside. Now what? You assume to know everything but we all know what assuming does? It basically just makes an ass out of you. And when they’ve heard suspicious noises in the backyard, they never expressed why she did that. It could have been for any apparent reason but to be safe they installed cameras. Were they supposed to expect that their dog was getting raped by a human? Probably not. Why? Because something SO inhumane wouldn’t be in the back of the minds or anyone SANE. These people love their dog. She is NEVER ignored. She is well taken care of and just because she doesn’t sleep in the house doesn’t make the owners neglectful pet owners; they’re simply people doing what the dog prefers. And even if the owners don’t allow their dog to sleep inside, what’s the big deal? She is a BIG dog and she sheds. She loves her home outside. She gets more attention than the attention you’re looking for on here. And I’m sure she gets better fed, too. I can’t stand ignorant people blaming dog rape on an owner simply because the dog prefers to sleep outside. So yes, shame on YOU. These owners are the kindest, most loving people on this planet. I will NOT allow you to give them a bad name, you presumptious asshole.

          • FortheSake Ofanimals says:

            I’m sure it is not your first time. Now it becomes obvious why you responded to my comment. Guess it hit a nerve of truth otherwise why not just ignore instead of becoming so defensive. Guilty feelings have a tendency of doing that to someone. Go scroll through ALL the comments (in your own words) “PRESUMPTUOUS ASSHOLE”. Oh if you’re going to spew off at people in public forums be sure to spell check bad spelling makes you look just as ignorant if not more than the stupid stuff you’re spewing. There is a large number of people who expressed the same feelings about the matter as me.
            Go harass them.

          • Marla Caper says:

            I’m so sorry I spelled Presumptuous wrong. My bad, i must have taken your English course. Are we having a grammar lesson now? Is that what you’ve resorted to since you can’t respond to the dog wanting to sleep outside?

            “If the vet it telling them this happened more then once to their dog.”

            1. That isn’t a complete sentence
            2. You clearly don’t know the difference between “then” and “than”.
            3. My 5 year old nephew knows the difference between “then” and “than.”

            Of course it hit a nerve. Imagine you reading these audacious posts about a family they know nothing about. But then again, the only ones responding so negatively are the ones that don’t know the family. I know it’s human nature to judge others, but to publicly classify individuals as shameful people is a bold statement to make without personally knowing them. It was the “shame” comment that offended me. If you saw this family and the amount of love they have for their dog, you would never expel such negative commentary.

            By the way, he was charged for burglary also. This man is so creepy, he probably would’ve done the same thing if the dog was inside. A demented human being is a demented human being. Because of cameras, we were able to keep this monster off the streets. How about that for some positive reinforcement. Don’t dictate how someone should care for their loved ones; that is why they’re theirs and not yours.

            Have a nice day.

          • Marla Caper says:

            vet is*- I had to fix that.

          • FortheSake Ofanimals says:

            Thanks for pointing out this HUGE oversight on my part since I don’t have the same kind of time as you to waste going back and forth especially in such a hypocritical manner that you also pointed out. Now it’s become a contest between spelling and grammar with you assuming one outweighs the other. Than is a conjunction used mainly in making comparisons. Go away and I seriously don’t care what kind of day you are going to have at this point.

          • Marla Caper says:

            You’ve written 50 paragraphs ridiculing a family you know nothing about. I’ve written 50 paragraphs defending a family i know everything about. To me it’s not wasting time; to you it should be. I’m going to have a good day since I know you care about the lives of people you don’t know. God bless you!

          • colliefreak says:

            I have Collies. They put Akitas to shame in the shedding department. My dogs go to a carefully screened groomer to cut down on the shedding. They are allowed outside when I am here, and go for hikes and walks with me off of the property. When I am not home, they are inside, and they sleep inside. I understand that some dogs prefer to sleep outside. I work with two Alaskan Malamutes that do. Their gates are locked so that no one can get in though. What I find totally unacceptable is that the owner heard her cry in the middle of the night and ignored it. Setting up a security camera after the fact was a good move, but not enough, in my opinion. If any animal is truly loved and is outside like a sitting duck, there is no reason to ignore it’s cries. There have been so many cases of dogs being mistreated while left outside unattended. It is just not safe.

    • Jennifer Julie Ann says:

      There’s really nothing wrong with dogs living outside in a fenced in yard with shade. Especially in California’s weather, and especially if there’s a porch or dog house where they can keep out of rain. Living outside is what animals are used to, what most of them enjoy, and doesn’t hurt them so long as they have food water and shelter. The owner is at absolutely no fault for this. No one could have expected such a horrible thing to happen. At least they spent the time and money to install cameras that were able to identify the perpetrator and get him in jail!

      • FortheSake Ofanimals says:

        You can tell yourself that and I can chose to totally disagree with that opinion. Bet the money spent for the cameras wasn’t for the sake of the dog. My dogs like the comforts of the great indoors with visits to the great outdoors. You know things like soft beds, A/C summer, heat in the winter and what ever else I decide to spoil them with but no matter where they are their safety is number one priority. In fact I take better care of them then most people take care of their human children. Case in point. Look at this rapist for example. Bet there were many dogs he raped in the 22 years he’s been on the planet. He didn’t just start with this dog. Maybe his ass wasn’t beat enough as a kid and see how he turned out. The only reason this POS is in jail on $50,000 bond isn’t because he raped the dog. Had he only been caught for raping the dog the lax laws would have given just a fine with no time.

      • colliefreak says:

        I disagree with you as well. Most dogs (with the exception of livestock guardian dogs with a flock) prefer to be indoors with their family. There are a few exceptions, but most of those dogs were conditioned from a young age to live outside and so the house is scary and unfamiliar to them. Dogs are social beings and isolating them in the back yard can be pretty damaging to them. Most dog attacks come from outdoor dogs, as they are hardly ever properly trained or socialized.

  24. M. says:

    Look him up on Facebook if you want to see his pic. He’s holding a remote control on his profile picture.

  25. colliefreak says:

    If she is so beloved, why does she live outside in a yard?

  26. cdert says:

    The dog is a slut and was caught smoking afterwards

  27. Louise Perry says:

    I hope the man gets cock rot , the dirty dog nonce peadophile bastard !! Couldnt u get no little girls or boys u sick fuck

  28. Gail Grossman says:

    serial killers begin by hurting animals ….

  29. Ryan Dunns says:

    They always say that a dog is man’s bestiality friend. At least he said, “Bark like a dog!”

  30. Kellie says:

    This is a sad world when you have a few that think it’s only a dog…. Ugh I am with the Texas person, I would lie and wait and blow his ass away if he even looked at my dog.. Oh and yes I do prefer dogs to people they are the kinder animals.

  31. April Jo Doyle says:


  32. Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

    Folks, I’m reading several posts that are strictly personal and unrelated to this outrageously disgusting article. Focus on the monster who did this and perhaps how we can help with eventual prosecution (i.e. letters, calls, etc.) Let’s put the energy where it belongs.

  33. MELODY VALADEZ says:


  34. Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

    Why the completely unnecessary comments that are downright personal? Let’s not be jr. high – intelligent discussion is not happening in many of the posts on this topic.

  35. Kate Riviello says:

    When is the next court date?

  36. Valerie Smith-Griffin says:

    Excellent question Kate Riviello.

  37. Pigbottom :D says:


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